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About Us

The Ute Theater opened it’s doors for the season on Friday night, August 30th. We are very excited about our new digital projector & screen. Thanks to the City of Mankato, some changes have also been made in the concession area. Thanks to our volunteers, we have been able to keep our theater running for the last 15 years. However, our volunteer numbers have dropped greatly in the last couple years. Therefore, I am in search of new blood in our volunteer force. It really is a simple job. If we have enough help, it only involves about 3 hours of your time once a month. Please consider volunteering your time & also spread the word to your friends. Our theater is a great asset to our county & it would be a shame if we had to shut the doors due to a lack a volunteers. Lastly, a huge thanks to those who already volunteer at the theater, your time is greatly appreciated.

Located at 203 N. Commercial Street, Mankato, KS 66956

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